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DKS ARCHITECTURE is a design studio located in Boulder, Colorado, specializing in residential design and development. Projects include new construction, additions, remodels and basement finishes. I provide affordable professional services whose scope is uniquely tailored to each client’s project.

DKS is fluent in all styles of architectural expression, and open to all forms a client may wish to explore. With over 20 years of experience working throughout the western states, I have become familiar with numerous architectural styles that may suit a particular region, or that express cohesiveness with the surrounding natural and built environment.

DKS is well versed in traditional wood frame construction. I have also enjoyed projects that incorporate green product materials and alternative building systems such as true adobe brick construction and recycled styrofoam building block panels. My approach to design and construction is with a respect for all natural resources and their development as building materials. I am mindful of detail, with an efficient use of rough materials and expressing finish materials so that their innate qualities and found beauty are articulated.

Building Ideas, Fall 2000

Many talented individuals, including clients, have shaped my work over the years. Welcoming the development of the architect/client relationship, in each project I discover creative inspiration and purpose regardless of the program’s scope and size. Skilled at listening and successful at translating client dreams and needs into project design, I progress through the sequence of services with an open mind, thoroughness, and intent on efficiency and budget awareness.

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Dana K. Sharp
Principal Architect

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