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Whether pertaining to interior or exterior design, clients will often have an affinity toward one particular style that they wish to explore. Others may not be so specific. In either case, projects begin with a discussion of the program requirements, site specifics and budget. Gaining a familiarity of my client’s lifestyle, the development and expression of architectural style will begin with the exploration of space and circulation, form and function.

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PROSPECT New Town Residence

SEDONA Residence

PARAGON Estates Residence

HORSETOOTH Reservoir Residence


This residence is a contemporary styled, 20th Century Craftsman. It is located in Longmont, Colorado, in the unique high density, multi-use development called Prospect New Town.  Conducive to the Craftsman’s sensibilities, the interior detailing and the traditional front porch both express the warmth of wood in the mortise-and-tenon joinery technique of construction.  Behind the main residence is a detached, 2 – level carriage/garage structure.
SEDONA RESIDENCE, New Construction    
Located in Sedona, Arizona, the property’s site characteristics took the initial lead in the direction of the design for this compact house.  Adjacent to a road on one side and a natural gulch on the other, the house is located along a length of open landscape nestled amongst the trees and dense shrubbery.  The purple wall was developed as a physical and psychological barrier to the road. This wall is constructed of “Rastra” - 10-inch thick block panels made of recycled styrofoam with high energy and sound efficiencies.

Photographs from
Better Homes and Gardens
Building Ideas
, Fall 2000 issue.

This was an existing older home with the main level above a daylight basement and garage level. Located in Boulder, Colorado, the site offers tremendous views of the city and the Rocky Mountains.  The remodeling portion of the project was for the entire house, including the reconfiguring and redefining of areas in order to designate an office space and to take better advantage of the views.  The square footage added to the residence consisted of a new front entry with foyer, additional kitchen space and a stairway leading to an upper level master suite addition.
Located on the mountainside above Horsetooth Reservoir in Bellevue, Colorado, this modest addition opens up an existing bedroom creating a new spacious master suite with built-in wood seating and shelving.  The generous glazed area is comprised of high efficiency windows and doors that invite the sunlight in, steady the temperature flux and capture the views.
This is a kitchen remodel for an older home in Boulder, Colorado.  The existing kitchen was small and had a tight, narrow galley plan.  In creating the island and installing a continuous wood floor surface, the kitchen’s circulation was opened up to the adjacent family/dining area. This established an open space with much improved communication and the added bonus of natural light filtering into the kitchen from the family/dining area.
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